#136: Mama Oriental Style Instant Noodles Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Flavour

Some noodles from Thailand today. I’ve reviewed some noodles that are by Mama and Tom Yum but not the creamy.

Chili powder, dry seasoning sachet and seasing paste/oil.

I just can’t get over how nasty some of the seasoning pastes look in the bowl.

So here’s the finished product. Noodles were good but it was quite spicy, not creamy and really didn’t taste at all like shrimp that I could detect. Get it here.

I’m also going to say this is the greasiest looking stuff yet. The cream and the red stuff was repulsing eachother like crazy – it looked really neat but was kind of well gross. I’m tossing this a 2.0 out of 5.0 stars.


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8 responses to “#136: Mama Oriental Style Instant Noodles Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Flavour

  1. rebecca

    I’m actually kind of sad that you gave this rating a 2. this is my ultimate favorite mama noodle as before the creamy style came out, i was on the original tom yum flavor. the reason it is called “Creamy” is not because they add table cream or cream cheese to the soup. the real version is that sometimes when its made with real shrimp/prawns, the “cream” is coming from the insides of the head piece. this effect also happens with seafood soups in spain and other spanish countries where they serve soups with shrimp heads intact-the insides leak out making it look creamy. i do happen to find this version alot more citrousy than the original and bit more spicy, but im a hot head and i love my lime in my soup. as for the oil, that is the coconut oil that they use to flavor it. i wouldnt say this is a BAM in your face shrimp flavor because the spices that are used in this are pretty powerful-lemon grass, lime, keffir leaves, fish sauce, etc. did you also use the entire packet?

    for this soup tossing in an extra couple of shrimp makes it feel reallly special. i will also throw in a couple steamed veggies like chinese brocoli, yuchoy, or cabbage/nappa-something neutral that can take up the flavor and adds its own veggie sweetness that compliments it. i wouldnt go tossing in celery. I also like to fry up an egg for this and sometimes leave the yolk over easy, break the yolk and have it mix in with the soup. chicken and pork go well with this too. sometimes i will get the vietnamese ham and slice it up in there.

  2. eniz

    well, i’ve been eating lots of soups from many brands (mama, ottogi, nong shim, yumyum, waiwai, indomie, a-one, vifon and jinmailang) and to this day mama’s tom yum creamy shrimp soup is one of my favourites.

    from my point of view, it is definitely comparable with nong shim’s shin ramyum and jinmailang’s spicy hot beef (in tastyness – not in flavour of course).

    for this reason i would like you to give it a better rating – at least 3,5 😉


  3. MissDi

    This soup definitely should rate higher. The flavors are blended so well. Kaffir lime, red chili, galangal, coconut milk…so yummy. Sweet, spicy, salty and sour tastes (what Thai aspires to) comes together so, so nicely in this little package of soup.

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